A popular Canadian pharmacy chain officially begins selling medical cannabis

A popular Canadian pharmacy chain officially begins selling medical cannabis

Shoppers Drug Mart began selling cannabis seeds, oils, flowers, and dried cannabis on Tuesday.

For medical cannabis patients in Ontario, things have been made easier. Shoppers Drug Mart, a well-known pharmacy chain, launched an online portal to sell scientific hashish products on Tuesday. Shoppers is a national chain, but it will only supply Ontario residents for the time being. To gain access to the internet keep, licensed sufferers must submit a few papers. However, retail cannabis clients cannot make any purchases but can browse the services of the shop.

Shoppers Drug Mart Now Sells Medical Cannabis Online

Health Canada oversees Canada’s use of medical cannabis software. According to the company’s policies there is only one legal way for medical cannabis products to be distributed: mail orders. These can cross from licensed producers directly to patients. Shoppers Drug Mart, a chain of retail pharmacies, is not always a manufacturer of medical cannabis. However, it was granted a license by Health Canada to become one. If you want to sell to certified patients, it had to. Shoppers claims it has signed supply agreements with 10 manufacturers, rather than producing its own hashish.

In September 2018, Shoppers received its own producer license, almost a decade after it filed the initial application. Health Canada approved the organization to sell scientific cannabis products online, as well as accessories like vape pens. The shop can sell dried and sparkling cannabis, seeds, plants, oils, and plant life. Ontario’s person use outlets cannot, however, sell concentrates or oils. canadian pharmacy plans to have regulations that allow the retail sale hashish concentrates in Canada within the next 12 months.

Shoppers also follows other Health Canada requirements for sellers. All clients must publish any records that they obtain from the doctor who prescribed their hashish prescription, along with their Health Canada license statistics. This is required before they can place an order. After a patient has submitted their documentation, a guide will contact them to review their medical history and help them sign in online.

Shopper’s Drug Mart has a better website than the OCS for buyers

The problems faced by Ontario’s cannabis retail sector since October 17th, when adult-use legalization was implemented in Canada, have been numerous. The Ontario Cannabis Store’s reputation among clients has been damaged by inexact and missing orders, privacy breaches and fine manage troubles. Others have sent even more money to unlicensed suppliers. Ontario has decided to restrict adult-use cannabis retail sales to its online store, unlike other provinces. While some of the major issues have been resolved, Ontario’s cannabis buyers still require more options.

Shoppers Drug Mart’s online shop is a good option for retail cannabis customers who are familiar with OCS’s flaws. Shoppers’ online portal and usability is reportedly better than OCS’s. This is likely due to guidelines. Ontario is one of many provinces that have strict requirements regarding packaging and labeling for retail products. The medical hashish packaging has more flexibility. Shoppers can be used to join Ontario residents without a prescription for medical cannabis.

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