Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Phone Numbers

All the Housemates or Contestants will be allotted a Separate Mobile Number. At the time of Nominations, People has to dial to the Respective contestants mobile number and has to give him or her a Missed call to give a Vote. Likewise you can give 10 missed calls or 10 votes for Nominated Contestants. The Contestant who gets more votes will be saved for the week and the least voted will get Eliminated. 


All the Housemates allotted Phone Numbers are given in our Biggboss website Visit the given link to know more details of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5. Below also we are giving you Bigg Boss allotted Phone numbers of All Contestants. 

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Phone Numbers

S. No Name of Participant Number Assigned
1 Siri  8886658201
2 VJ Sunny  8886658202
3 Lahari Shari  8886658203
4 Sree Rama Chandra  8886658204
5 Anee Master  8886658205
6 Lobo  8886658206
7 Priya  8886658207
8 Jessie  8886658208
9 Priyanka  8886658209
10 Shanmukh Jashwanth 8886658210
11 Hamida  8886658211
12 Nataraj Master  8886658212
13 Sarayu  8886658213
14 Vishwa  8886658214
15 UmaDevi  8886658215
16 Maanas  8886658216
17 RJ Kajal  8886658217
18 Swetha Varma  8886658218
19 Anchor Ravi  8886658219


To vote for any Contestant at time of voting, You just need to dial their above assisted number and have to give miss call. One Miss call counts one Vote. Likewise You can give only 10 Missed Calls or Ten Votes Per day. Voting starts from 11 Pm on Monday to Friday Night 12:00am. Stay tuned to bigg boss telugu vote to know more about Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5.

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