New Smartphones With Gigantic Battery Power – vivo Y11 Price


Vivo Y11 is a smartphone that was launched in the markets on the month of October, which is one of the most recent models that are available in the markets. It has the ability to browse the internet, chat and take pictures all at the same time. It is not only the latest smartphone but it also has the capability to perform various tasks and functions that would greatly help you in your daily life. As far as features and performance are concerned, this handset has all what you would expect from a smartphone. This article will give you a brief information about the advantages of buying the Yota Phone.

The Vivo Y11 is a high resolution smartphone that has a huge list of applications such as Gmail, Google Maps, Picasa and many more. The phone comes preinstalled with Ovio dashboard, which is a productivity software that helps you manage your tasks and organize your work. The built in FM radio lets you enjoy your favorite music and enables you to stay connected with the people who matter the most. The phone also comes equipped with super AM/FM radio, in case you want to listen to your favorite music even while travelling.

This handset has the ability to allow you to play a lot of high definition mobile games on the go. You can play your favorite games with your friends and family or you can choose to play your high end games on the go using your mobile phones. These smartphones come with various battery capacity options that enable you to enjoy your games for long hours without any sign of battery power drainage. Some of the other advantages of the vivo y11 include; it allows you to download various media files and use internet facilities without any restriction.

The battery capacity of this handset is one of the main reasons behind its high end performance. It offers users an average of 19,999 hours of talk time and also offers them several features such as motion sensor, voice dialing, GPS and internet browser. There are numerous memory options that come with the vivo y11, and they help you store numerous media files. In fact, the built in memory of the vivo y11 helps you save videos, songs and images. The other major memory available in this handset is the 3G memory card, which offers you an excellent browsing experience and helps you enjoy the benefits of browsing the internet on the go.

The good thing about the vivo y11 price is that it is offered at a very competitive price. It is available at a price that is very affordable and yet offers you the best in terms of features and technology. The price of this handset does not go down even after you purchase it. Moreover, there is no contract period attached to the device and hence you do not have to worry about paying huge amount of money. You can easily download the free gps software that comes along with the handset. vivo y11

The multimedia capabilities of the vivo y11 help you enjoy videos and pictures to the hilt. It has a very high resolution screen and offers you a bright and crisp display that makes your viewing experience very vibrant and entertaining. This handset is also designed in such a way that it allows you to connect wirelessly with the nearest nearby Wi-Fi users. In fact, the connectivity offered by the smartphone is excellent and you get quick Internet connections at very reasonable prices. Hence, if you are looking for a perfect device that helps you in the pursuit of your daily jobs and tasks in the best possible manner, then you should go in for the new smartphone with the vivo y11 price.


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