Purchasing Advice for Electric Hospital Beds

If you’ve come across this, you’re in the unfortunate position of needing to purchase an electric hospital bed for yourself, a loved one, or perhaps simply a friend. A little assistance in getting you there can go a long way towards peace of mind because it’s a big decision (for more reasons than one) and a significant investment, and even though there aren’t hundreds or even thousands of options to choose from, you still need to feel comfortable with your choice.




Price is the initial consideration, as it is with most purchases. How much cash is available to spend on this bed. You can have cost effective hospital bed through Sky Medical Supplies in a quick way. A semi-electric hospital bed may be purchased for less than $500, and that price is only for the bed. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a package that offers a deal for around $750 with a mattress and rails included. A full electric bed will increase the price by at least $150 and, depending on the model, by as much as $2000. A bariatric bed will cost about $4000 without a mattress or railings.


Full Electricity or Semi-Electricity


The head and foot of a semi-electric bed can be raised and lowered using a digital keypad, but the bed itself must be wound manually using an incorporated handle, which is not difficult to perform. A digital keypad on a full electric bed can be used to change the bed’s height as well as the position of the head and foot.


Standard or Bariatric


The patient’s weight is what counts in this situation. A bariatric bed is made for patients who weigh up to 700 lbs., whereas standard homecare beds are made to comfortably and safely support patients up to a maximum weight of 350 lbs.




Since it is the least expensive, foam mattresses are typically included in packages. Yet, quality mattresses that offer enough support are often expensive.


A bed rail


Although bed rails are usually included in hospital bed packages, you can also buy bed rails separately. Prices for bed rails range from about $60 for a straightforward quarter-length rail to $400 for a full adjustable bedrail made of professional grade steel and coated with an anti-bacterial powder. A quarter length rail is roughly 18″ long, and depending on where it is most needed, it can be simply moved along the bed under the mattress. A comparable full-length rail will only raise the price by $20. The question of whether the patient should be able to adjust the rail themselves or whether a career should do it ultimately comes down to what would be most suited for their requirements. If you are in search of hospital bed then you are on the right place here.


Replacement and Accessory Components


For homecare beds, a wide range of parts and accessories are available, including, to mention a few, extension kits for extra-tall patients, bed rail bumper pads, bed storage carts, trapeze adaptor frames, and electric patient lifts. With the information above in mind, you are now in a better position to find your loved one the best homecare electric bed.

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